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Cannon River One Watershed,
One Plan Map

Cannon River One Watershed, One Plan

In 2016 planning partners joined together to submit an application to the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) to develop One Watershed, One Plan (1W1P) for the Cannon River Watershed. The goal of 1W1P is to align local water planning on major watershed boundaries with state strategies towards prioritized, targeted and measureable implementation plans. In August 2016, BWSR selected the Cannon River as one of seven major watersheds across the state to receive a planning grant.

In late 2016, the County and SWCD Boards in each of the six counties predominantly located within the watershed, along with the Belle Creek Watershed District and the North Cannon River Watershed Management Organization, entered into a Memorandum of Agreement for the purpose of developing a watershed plan. The planning area encompasses 952,933 acres and a wide variety of land uses.

The process is locally lead through a Policy Committee comprised of one elected official from each of the 14 Local Government Units within the watershed. It will involve a broad range of stakeholders throughout the process including the use of an Advisory Committee and public meetings. The resulting plan will address the most significant threats to our water resources and an implementation strategy that provides the greatest benefit to the watershed.

Watershed Plan

 Coming Soon

Policy Committee

Policy Committee Members
Policy Committee Bylaws
 09/26/2018   Agenda  |  Full Packet  |  Notice
 06/27/2018   Agenda  |  Full Packet  |  Notice  |  Workplan Progress Update
 04/04/2018   Agenda  |  Full Packet  |  Minutes  |  Notice  |  Workplan Progress Update
 01/10/2018   Agenda  |  Full Packet  |  Minutes  |  Notice  |  Workplan Progress Update  |  MCIT Structures Presentation
 11/08/2017   Agenda  |  Full Packet  |  Minutes  |  Notice  |  Workplan Presentation  |  Collaboration Presentation
 08/02/2017   Agenda  |  Full Packet  |  Minutes  |  Notice  |  Prioritization Process Diagram  |
  Memo on Zonation  |  Zonation Presentation  |  Workplan Presentation
 05/03/2017   Agenda  |  Full Packet  |  Minutes  |  Notice
 03/01/2017   Agenda  |  Full Packet  |  Minutes  |  Notice

Technical Advisory Group

Technical Advisory Group Members
 06/20/2018  Meeting Notes
 05/16/2018  Meeting Notes
 04/18/2018  Meeting Notes
 03/21/2018  Meeting Notes  |  Draft Goals & Issues
 02/21/2018  Meeting Notes
 01/17/2018  Meeting Notes
 11/15/2017  Meeting Notes
 10/18/2017  Meeting Notes
 08/16/2017  Meeting Notes

Public Events and Conversations

Water Conversations Invitation - March 6th and 15th  |  Presentation  |  Summary  
Water Conversations Invitation - Sept 19th and 26th  |  Presentation  |  Summary  |  Brochure
Water Conversations Invitation - July 20th and 25th  |  Presentation  |  Summary
Public Open House Invitation - May 31st  |  Presentation  |  Display Boards  |  Maps  |  Survey

Request for Proposals to Develop Watershed Plan

 Request for Proposals
 Response to Questions on RFP

60-Day Notification

60-Day Notification to State Agencies and Others
BWSR Response
City of Faribault Response
City of Northfield Response
DNR Response
MDA Response
MDH Response
Metropolitan Council Response
MPCA Response

Work Plan and Budget

Planning Grant Report

Memorandum of Agreement

Memorandum of Agreement

Contact Information

Ashley Gallagher, c/o Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation District
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E-mail: ashley.gallagher@co.dakota.mn.us

Brian Watson, c/o Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation District
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(651) 480-7775 (fax)
E-mail: brian.watson@co.dakota.mn.us